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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dedicated to my blogger buddies... :)

Its been ages since i posted something in this blog.... Today while doing some editing...I thot of making something for my friends here... I have learnt a lot from everyone here...got so much love and support.. so this small post is dedicated to all you people..!! I haven't forgotten you... I miss u a lot..! 

Hope you liked this small attempt of mine to let you know that I miss you all .. :)
The editing is not very good... : P i m just a beginner..


Jill Wellington said...

That's very creative, Nandita! Those are my blogger buddies, too! Thanks for including me.
Jill Wellington

Tryant said...

haha...i have a skull beside my name!hey it should be a deamon next time good editing nandy and thank you

P.s:that doesn't look like it's done by a newibe good work!

Nandita said...

@Ms.Jill.. Thnx a lot fr lykng it.. :)
@Try: i gav dt skull intentionaly near ur name...n dt spidr web too.. :P heheh

Sie said...

weeeeee..thank you Nandz..been busy also with hehehe..sorry for my delayed reply..and I missed you a lot..*hugs hugs*..Thank you so so much..I miss our kiddy chit chats on bloggers..take care always ok *blink blink* :)

sudhi said...

wow so beautiful nanz , thankyou very much (teary eyed) :)

Anonymous said...

Nandzzzz thank you soooo much!!!! The editing is really very nice:D
And also thank you for the butterflies next to my name...;)
I love you and miss you too honey....! :)

beanizer_05 said...

hey! i'm at the center! coz i'm the cutest and adorablest! But i don't have those big eyes and i'm not bald..is that a lollie in my mouth? or my tongue is out?..and that danger sign, it's not for me right?--coz i'm harmless, that danger is for bella and ravie coz they bully me and bro try..good thing ms. sie is there beside me, she'll hit them when they bully me again! yey!
oh! mommy jp and ms. jill are there too..but where is nandy??

Nandita said...

@ I m so glad u ol liked it.. .^_^

@beany: ur tongue is out.. mayb u r hungry.. :P
N yah...gud point..! i frgot to put my name... :(

beanizer_05 said...

and you forgot the name..for whom is that 1st reply? hehehe..i know her name is really dangerous!

Nandita said...

heheh...yah...dt frst rply ws fr all..!! :P

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