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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Drawings

Now that I am a student of the best Fashion Design Institute of India , I have loads and loads of assignments.. Hence no time to update my blogs...But only because of the innumerable submissions and assignments in my 1st and 2nd semester I learnt to use a lot of mediums for painting...and hence got a few artworks of my own to showcase.. :P This are just a few of my paintings.. :)


                                                           Pencil colour 

Dry Pastels

                       Shading pencils and Charcoal pencils

                                                                                                                                                                                                Water colour

                                                           Poster colour

Didn't post anything in this blog for a long time...so thought of updating it with my own work..i think this is the best way to refresh my page..and continue posting on it.. :) 
Thank you for visiting.. 


Tryant said...

so these are ur assignments? must been hell of a work huh!!
:p ur making me jealous now!!i gotta post something as well then

Nandita said...

hahaha...yah my assignmnts...n m duin more assignmnts ryt nw...submissn tomorrow.. :/
N ya..u shud post smthng...or else ur blog will also have fungus all over.. :P

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